Friday, February 2, 2007


Midterms are officially over! I'm pretty happy with what I got, except for English >=( but I did get 96 in Math and 98 in both Social and Science! I am so flipping smrt... xD
I need something to do on the Internet. I have gotten bored of Neopets (yes, I used to play Neo, and I'm pretty sure you did too at least once in your life!) and now I have no idea what to do anymore. Rawr.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Midterms Stink... One More Till Its All Over Tho!

Midterms are almost over! Hurray! I only have to go through one more (Social Studies) then I can party again! Woohoo! Good news and bad news concerning my exams tho..... Math I, of course, got a fairly high mark (96% to be exact, though I'm not happy with it coz I really REALLY wanted a 100% and to beat this one girl, which I didnt.... she got 98%. RAWR), but in English, I absolutely blew it (well, in my view of things). I got a 78% (Dx), which was actually one of the highest marks in the school, believe it or not, but still, a 78%?!?!?! Geez, what was I thinking? When I told my mom she almost flipped, but then I told her it didnt affect my mark that much, and she believed me. Hopefully I can get a good mark on my Science and Social midterms to help make up for that atrocious English mark of mine. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Must... Study...

Wahhhhhhh midterms!!!!! I am totally regretting not studying for them earlier, coz I'm finding that I'm having to cram. ARGGGGHHHHHHHHH. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE electricity and I am not understanding a single part of it (well, static electricity and DC motors are easy, but the rest of it is freaking....GAAAHHHHH I dont even know how to describe it). I desperately wanna do something else but I know its better to just keep reviewing. Its really annoying and boring and stupid though and since Im on the computer now I probably won't go back to studying until I go to sleep (which then I'll be too sleepy to absorb any of the info I'm reading ><) At least I have learned my lesson: For finals, I will begin studying WAY earlier and I'll regularly review my notes instead of cramming it all in last minute. I really hope I do well because midterms will affect my term two mark and high schools are looking at that mark! AHH!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blog? No Way!

Day one with a blog, and already I'm having trouble thinking up what to write down. I was thinking I would just talk about random things, but that's boring, even to me. I had a teacher who said that blogging was the most pointless thing she'd ever seen in her life, and I kind of agree. I mean, who wants to read about the "life" of some person on the internet (if you actually had a life, you should go and live it instead of sitting around on the computer writing about it; man, I'm such a hypocrite) who may say they are an 18-year old female when really they're actually 14 years old... *cough cough* The only reason I started a blog though was because I have no life, and I desperately wanted something to do on the internet rather than go on Neopets all day long and watch illegal anime episodes on Youtube (not that there's any problem with that, no). Plus this is a good way to improve my typing skills. I guess. I dunno. I bet everyone that I will have dumped this blog by next month, maybe even earlier than that after my parents find out that I've been writing public online diaries instead of studying for midterms.